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Our mission for the Rally Event 2024

  • + 1’500 passengers

    Our team successfully managed the transportation of over 1’500 passengers, including several of the competing teams.

  • Sports Logistics Expertise

    LunaGroup Charter leads the way in sports event logistics, offering exceptional expertise and seamless transportation solutions.

  • Dedicated team

    Our experts were present at all the airports to manage the various flights and to ensure the best possible experience for all the fans.

  • Established Reputation

    We have built an esteemed reputation in the areas of rally and sports event logistics, delivering unmatched service and expertise.

LunaGroup Charter has once again demonstrated its expertise in sports event logistics by efficiently managing the transportation of over 1,500 passengers. Focused on achieving our goals, our team has delivered a highly effective and precise operation, reinforcing our strong reputation in the niche market of group charter travel.

Our skill set extends beyond merely transporting passengers; it involves a comprehensive understanding of the logistical needs specific to sports events. This includes ensuring that each flight is carefully planned and executed to support the overall success of the event.

We are dedicated to providing more than just a travel service for athletes and supporters. Our aim is to ensure a smooth, efficient journey that contributes positively to the overall experience of the event. LunaGroup Charter plays a crucial role in the success of these events, with a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the satisfaction of our more than 1,500 passengers reflects the trust they have in us to provide a reliable, high-quality service. As spectators enjoy the spectacle of sport, they can be assured that LunaGroup Charter is working behind the scenes to support every event we are involved with.

* We declare no affiliation, sponsorship, or any partnerships with Dakar Rally.