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Our mission for the Cruise Ship Launch Celebration

  • 550 passengers

    We managed the travel of approximately 550 special guests from Nantes to Amsterdam for the ship’s delivery.

  • Versatile Fleet

    We orchestrated a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft from Enter Air and Neos to facilitate an exceptional journey.

  • Dedicated team

    Our experts were present at all the airports to manage the various flights and to ensure the best possible experience for all guests.

  • Expertise in Luxury Travel

    This mission showcased our alliance with the cruise industry and commitment to the luxury travel sector.

LunaGroup Charter has once more showcased its exceptional expertise and commitment to service by coordinating a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft from Enter Air and Neos for a unique journey. This operation was in service of a new cruise ship’s maiden voyage, requiring the seamless transport of 550 guests to Amsterdam for the vessel’s celebrated launch.

Our experts Rémi Aubin, Raphaël Balas, Sacha Martin, and Matthieu Brochard, organised various charters with precision and a keen understanding of our clients’ expectations, transforming each flight into a journey of anticipation and excitement ahead of a maritime adventure. This endeavour demonstrated our agility and dedication to the luxury travel sector, underscoring our ability to efficiently mobilise resources.

We took great pride in managing the travel details for the cruise’s distinguished guests, ensuring a flawless experience on their way to Amsterdam.