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Our mission for the Paris NBA Game 2024

  • 76 VIP Business Class

    Our exclusive access allows us to enhance your travel experience by combining luxury with exceptional comfort.

  • Expansion to American Market

    A major step in our market expansion, marking a key milestone in our global growth and enhanced international presence.

  • Dedicated team

    A 100% dedicated agent present throughout the trip to ensure the best possible experience for the entire organisation.

  • Our devotion to sport

    This mission once again reinforces our expertise in the field of sports, from every angle.

LunaGroup Charter is proud to have taken a monumental stride in our American market expansion, a milestone made possible by the exceptional efforts of our expert, Raphaël Balas. The dedication of our seasoned team, a commitment cast in the very DNA of our operations, has been vividly illustrated in the organization of the Brooklyn Nets executive team’s flight to the Paris NBA Games 2024.

Our offering of 76 VIP Business class seats in a A321N underscores our pledge to provide unparalleled luxury and comfort. This particular voyage not only transported a team of esteemed professionals across the Atlantic but also embodied the spirit of competition and the essence of the sport industry we steadfastly serve.

This flight does not just mark a new chapter; it narrates a saga of ambition, precision, and dedication to the sport industry. As LunaGroup Charter embarks on this journey, we are not just expanding geographically but also reinforcing our commitment to excellence, ensuring that every executive, athlete, and enthusiast we ferry experiences the zenith of group charter travel.

* We declare no affiliation, sponsorship, or any partnerships with the NBA.