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Our mission for Oil and Gas Emergency Response

  • 150 passengers

    In 10 rotations, we efficiently managed personnel flow, accommodating 150 passengers per flight.

  • Establishing Aerial Lifelines

    We created vital air bridges between Malabo, Dubai, and Istanbul to support Oil and Gas operations, ensuring a flow of personnel.

  • Dedicated team

    LunaGroup Charter kept operations running amid the pandemic, powered by our responsive expert team.

  • Impact & Commitment

    Our services highlighted our commitment and contribution to maintaining industry operations and emergency readiness.

When the tide of the pandemic surged anew with the Omicron variant in December 2021, nations across the globe grappled with unprecedented challenges. Equatorial Guinea, amid escalating concerns, made the decisive move to close its borders, halting all international scheduled services. Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, LunaGroup Charter arose as a pivotal force in the Oil and Gas industry’s emergency response, exemplifying resilience and rapid mobilisation.

In the span of mere days, our team orchestrated an extraordinary operation, establishing a critical aerial lifeline between Malabo and the bustling hubs of Dubai and Istanbul. With 10 rotations, we maintained the essential flow of personnel, facilitating 150 passengers per flight, each one critical to the operations on the Oil and Gas platforms. This was not merely a testament to logistical prowess; it was a demonstration of our theme: “Oil and Gas - Emergency response”. Each flight stood as a beacon of commitment, ensuring that even in the face of global upheaval, the vital operations of energy production would not falter.

LunaGroup Charter’s rapid deployment of aircraft charters was a commitment carved in the sky, a promise delivered with each rotation that regardless of the challenges on the horizon, we would remain a steadfast partner to the industry. Our actions reinforced the core of what it means to be an indispensable part of the Oil and Gas sector’s contingency planning, ensuring that not even a pandemic could interrupt the essential cycle of crew exchanges and operations continuity.
This evacuation flight stands as a defining moment, reinforcing our ethos of responsibility and showcasing our capability to adapt to complex situations.