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  1. Who we are

LunaGroup Charter is part of the LunaJets Group

LunaGroup Charter is a proud member of the Luna Aviation Group, a global leader in aviation solutions with a remarkable 17-year legacy. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is therefore grounded in LunaGroup Charter’s core values: Flexibility, Reactivity, Delivery, and Trust.



With 8 offices and an access to more than 7,000 aircraft, LunaGroup Charter can organise flights all over the world, anywhere, anytime



With an extensive number of suppliers and an enhanced buying power, LunaGroup Charter has access to specially negotiated price



Our dedicated team of experts will help you find the perfect solutions for your flights and support you through the entire process



With more than 12’000 flights organised last year, our experience is widely recognised, and we can help you with all your requirements

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Meet our dedicated team of group charter experts

Eymeric Segard

CEO & Founder

Eymeric founded LunaJets in 2007 reselling empty leg flights. Since 2008 and an expansion into the charter market, the company has enjoyed 35% of compounded annual growth. Eymeric’s innovative mindset, multinational perspective and customer-centric focus has transformed LunaJets from a two-person start-up into a global brand that organises over 12,000 annual flights. In 2019, Eymeric launched LunaSolutions to address growing requests from clients for help in aircraft acquisitions and trading, and a desire to explore new venues in the private aviation segment. Eymeric obtained his BA in Economics from Brown University and speaks five languages fluently.

Remi Aubin

LunaGroup Charter Director

After graduating in Australia with a Master’s degree in Transport and Management, Remi worked in Canada for a Tour Operator before joining his true calling : Aviation. After a short experience at Paris Orly Airport (ORY - Aéroport de Paris-Orly) as ground handling agent, Rémi worked 9 years in a brokerage company as a Director in the Commercial Aircraft Division, prior to joining LunaJets. His knowledge of Aviation and passenger commercial aircraft of all sizes, combined with a strong attention to details, makes Remi a strong asset for major and complex missions. Enjoying being on the field, on the tarmac, at check-in counters, welcoming passengers, he had the opportunity to organise and supervise many events such as large scale sport events for teams and fans, major congresses, but also emergency response flights (e.g. medical evacuations, ambulance planes, emergency repatriation).

Our mission is to design air charter solutions perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Remi Aubin, Director
Matthieu Brochard Senior Group Charter Advisor

Matthieu Borchard

Senior Group Charter

Raphaël Balas Group Charter Advisor

Raphaël Balas

Group Charter Advisor

Tania Kebbe Group Charter Advisor

Tania Kebbe

Group Charter Advisor

Fares Semaan Group Charter Advisor

Fares Semaan

Group Charter Advisor

A solid track record in aviation with over 12’000 flights organised last year.

Eymeric Segard, Founder & Chairman of LunaJets, and Rémi Aubin, LunaGroup Charter Director, collectively boast over 30 years of invaluable experience in the aviation industry.

In 2023, their private jet charter brand orchestrated a remarkable 14’000 flights, catapulting them to the position of the leading independent private jet booking company in Europe. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, LunaGroup Charter has passionately dedicated its efforts to serving sports teams, facilitating crucial crew changes, and executing repatriation charter flights, ensuring the safe return of countless workers stranded in foreign countries. Impressively, in the past month alone, whilst headquartered in Geneva, LunaGroup Charter conducted 95% of its contracts outside of Switzerland, illustrating the company’s extensive global reach.

LunaGroup Charter stands to gain a significant advantage from leveraging LunaJets’ extensive market intelligence and wealth of experience, which encompass:

  • Deep operational knowledge

  • Seventeen years of actual market data

  • Global local partners

  • Cost statistics

  • Global negotiated prices

  • A neutral positioning

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