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Our mission for the European
Rugby Championship 2024

  • + 10’000 passengers

    We managed the travel of over 5’000 passengers in a single day, totaling an impressive 10’000 passengers throughout the weekend.

  • + 90 flights

    Travelling groups of supporters required the organisation of 90 flights from 16 different airports.

  • Dedicated team

    Our experts were present at all the airports to manage the various flights and to ensure the best possible experience for all the fans.

  • Our devotion to sport

    This mission once again reinforces our expertise in the field of sports, from every angle.

In the ever-evolving realm of group charter travel, LunaGroup Charter’s expert team has showcased unparalleled dedication and mastery yet again. For the grandest rugby tournament in Europe, we navigated the intricate logistics of arranging more than 90 flights with unmatched skill. We expertly coordinated the journeys of over 10,000 passengers from 16 diverse airports, ensuring each detail was handled with precision and a personal touch.

Our fervor for rugby has fueled our commitment, inspiring us to surpass anticipated standards and provide a standout travel experience. In essence, we stand as the trusted ally for every team and organisation we have the privilege to assist, embodying reliability and excellence in every endeavor.

* We declare no affiliation, sponsorship, or any partnerships with Six Nations