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Our mission for Evacuation
Flights from Kabul

  • 20 passengers

    Our team showcased remarkable courage and humanitarian service, safeguarding 20 passengers under critical circumstances.

  • Versatile Fleet

    In response to the urgency, we deployed two Airbus A320 aircraft, equipped to provide safe and efficient transport.

  • Dedicated team

    Our experts’ responsiveness and hard work were pivotal in successfully navigating the complexities of this urgent mission.

  • Values & Responsibility

    This mission showcased our pledge to serve beyond commerce, emphasising responsibility and care for every individual’s safety.

In the face of urgency and amidst the turmoil of Kabul, LunaGroup Charter demonstrated unwavering resolve and swift action by deploying two Airbus A320 aircraft to conduct a critical evacuation flight. With the lives of 20 passengers held in the balance, our dedicated team rose to the challenge, embodying the highest ideals of courage and humanitarian service.

Our fleet became more than just steel and engines; they served as beacons of hope in the sky, navigating through uncertainty to bring safety and relief. This operation was not just about the act of transportation; it was a mission of mercy, a testament to our commitment to responding when the call for aid resounds. As the world watched, LunaGroup Charter’s expertise was not measured in the distance traversed but in the lives touched and the safety delivered. Our involvement in the Kabul evacuation was a profound assertion of our values, a pledge to serve beyond the confines of commerce and convenience, ensuring that every individual entrusted to our care was guided to security.

This evacuation flight stands as a defining moment, reinforcing our ethos of responsibility and showcasing our capability to adapt to complex situations.