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Charter Flights vs. Scheduled Flights: Key Differences

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Is a Charter Flight Better Than a Commercial Flight? Comparing Charter and Scheduled Flights

The world of air travel offers many different options for travellers, from scheduled flights to charter flights. While both types of flights involve the use of an aircraft to transport people from one location to another, there are several key differences between them that are important to consider, especially when organising a group trip. So, what are the main differences between a charter flight and a scheduled flight? Read on to learn more.

What Is a Charter Flight?

A charter flight is a private, non-scheduled flight that is rented by a person or organisation for a specific purpose, such as a vacation or business trip. Unlike scheduled flights, which operate on a regular schedule and follow a specific route, charter flights allow you to choose every detail of your flight, including your own schedule, departure location and destination, among many other factors.

What Is a Commercial Flight?

A commercial flight is a flight that is operated by an airline and is open to the general public, with passengers able to purchase tickets in advance. These flights follow a regular schedule and a set route, and are usually operated using larger commercial airliners. Commercial flights are designed for mass transportation and can carry hundreds of passengers. This means that you will be sharing your flight with many other people.

What Is the Difference Between a Charter Flight and a Commercial Flight?

As you already know, commercial flights and charter flights share the objective of transporting passengers from one point to another, but they are in fact very different. What are the key differences between charter flights and commercial flights? Here are the main ones you need to know.

Which Is More Flexible: A Charter Flight or a Commercial Flight?

One of the main differences between scheduled and charter flights is the level of flexibility they offer. Unlike commercial flights, which follow a fixed schedule and adhere to a specific route, charter flights can be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. This allows you as travellers to choose your own schedule, destination, and even the type of aircraft, making charter flights a more customisable and convenient option for those who need more control over their travel arrangements.

Charter vs. Commercial Flight Destinations

Another key difference between charter flights and commercial flights is the destinations they serve. Charter flights can often fly to smaller, less popular airports or to destinations that are not served by commercial airlines. This can be especially convenient for travellers who are looking to visit more remote or less touristy destinations. Commercial flights, on the other hand, tend to focus on major airports and more popular destinations.

How is the Booking Process? Customised Charter Flights vs. Standard Commercial Flights

The booking process for charter flights and commercial flights varies as well. Charter flights can often be booked directly with a specialised broker, such as LunaGroup Charter. This allows for a more personalised booking experience and the opportunity to customise the details of your flight. Commercial flights, on the other hand, are usually booked through an airline's website or through a third-party travel booking website and cannot be personalised.

Cost of Scheduled vs. Charter Flights: Which Is More Affordable?

Although, at first glance, a commercial flight ticket may seem cheaper than a charter flight, this premise is not always true. Scheduled flights often charge quite a lot for extra baggage, which increases the starting price of the ticket. Therefore, charter flights can be more affordable for groups because the cost is divided among passengers and allow you to travel with all the luggage you need, making them a great cost-effective option for groups.

Charter flights to fly on your preferred aircraft.

Which Aircraft Are Used for Charter and Commercial Flights?

In terms of the aircraft used, while scheduled flights typically use larger, commercial airliners, designed for transporting large numbers of passengers, charter flights can use a wider variety of aircraft, including smaller private jets or turboprop planes. The type of aircraft used will depend on your needs as passengers and the distance of your flight.

Level of Service: Charter Flights vs. Scheduled Flights

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, there are also some differences in the level of service offered on scheduled and charter flights. Scheduled flights are generally more standardised, with the same level of service offered to all passengers. This may include food and beverages, in-flight entertainment, and other amenities. Charter flights, on the other hand, often offer a higher level of service and luxury, with personalised options and added amenities, e.g. including gourmet catering, a private lounge, and other special features.

When to Choose a Charter Flight and When to Choose a Scheduled Flight?

Overall, the decision between a scheduled flight and a charter flight will depend on your specific needs and preferences as a traveller. And how do I know if I need a charter flight or a commercial flight? Here are some questions that may help you choose:

  • How many people are travelling together? If you are travelling in a group, charter flights can sometimes be more cost-effective because the cost can be divided among all members of your group.

  • Where do you want to go? Charter flights allow you to choose every single detail of your route, including your departure location and destination. You can also choose to fly direct or make stopovers wherever you want.

  • How much time do you have for your trip? If you are short on time and need to get to your destination quickly, a charter flight may be able to offer more direct routes and faster travel times than commercial flights, which may involve layovers and connections.

  • What is the purpose of your trip? Sport teams, film crews, orchestras, and politicians, among many other people, find in charter flights the comfort, privacy and convenience they are looking for when travelling. If you belong to one of these groups or travel for any other specific purpose, such as meetings and conventions or corporate seminars, this may be the best option for you. 

  • Are you looking for a more private and exclusive travel experience? Charter flights offer the possibility to share the plane only with your group. This means a higher level of privacy and exclusivity, as you are not sharing the space with strangers.

  • What are your preferences and needs? Charter flights offer a wide range of aircraft options and the ability to tailor the flight to your specific requirements, making them a good choice for those who want a more customised travel experience.

  • How much luggage will you be bringing? If you are looking for flexibility in terms of luggage allowances, you should know that charter flights may allow you to bring more or larger items depending on the size of the aircraft and your group needs.

At LunaGroup Charter, we believe that every trip should be personalised to your unique needs and preferences. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of charter flights and start planning your next adventure today.