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How can private charter flights create value for travelling groups and delegations?

Official delegations and professional groups travelling on commercial flights leave themselves at the mercy of myriad external factors. So much can go wrong: missed flights, delays, cancellations, airline strikes, luggage complications, endless and slow-moving queues in crowded, noisy airport terminals and rigid schedules dictated by commercial operators. Book a private charter flight on the other hand, and these risks are taken out of the equation entirely.

In these chaotic, Covid-centric times, private charter flights offer the safety, stability and certainty that delegations need to get their job done efficiently. What’s more, the substantial boost in productivity that charter flights provide creates value for the travelling delegates. It can mean the difference between achieving the objectives of the trip and coming home disappointed and empty-handed. Here’s how…

Professional groups are at the mercy of the many pitfalls of commercial aviation
With so much potential for problems in commercial aviation, private charter flights are a valuable solution for travelling delegates.
Booking a private chartered flight gives official delegations a greater chance of a successful visit
Private group charters offer greater comfort, privacy and flexibility and eliminate many of the problems suffered by groups on commercial flights

With flight logistics taken care of, delegates can focus on the job at hand

Flying by private charter has long been perceived by many as an expensive extravagance. But that is no longer the case, especially when the passengers make up an official delegation, whether it be political, economic, corporate or institutional. Charter flights offer the best value for money when the passenger list is long; the bigger the group or delegation, the lower the cost per passenger. Add to that the increased productivity generated by the safety, flexibility, comfort and peace of mind of charter air travel and the upgrade to flying privately suddenly seems incredibly cost-effective.

Thanks to experienced and reliable private aviation brokers like Luna Group Charter, the complicated logistics of transporting large delegations are taken care of, leaving the delegates free to focus on the purpose of their trip and, while they’re at it, enjoy the experience.

A specialised Luna Group Charter advisor will help you find the most appropriate aircraft for a delegation, drawing on a pool of thousands of planes at their disposal. From there, everything is taken care of, from airport fees and permits to additional crew and catering. Without all those details to worry about, the delegation can maximise its productivity in many different ways…

The many advantages of private charter flights for official delegations

Each of the following factors are examples of how booking a private charter flight can radically increase the productivity and performance of an official travelling delegation when compared to commercial flying. From protecting the health of delegates to giving them the time and tranquillity to prepare for what’s in store when they land, not to mention the image of efficiency that charter aviation projects onto your delegation. 

In times of Covid, charter flights are the safer option

Let’s start with the most important factor: protecting the health of delegates in a travelling party. We’ll take a sporty example, that of football’s European Championships in 2021 which are to be held in various countries across Europe. Imagine a delegation of UEFA representatives flying around the continent to verify the social-distancing procedures of the various stadia that will host matches in the competition. In commercial travel, a passenger is exposed to anything up to 700 Covid-19 touch points between the departures terminal and the destination. That’s 700 chances of contracting the virus for each flight. By flying with a private charter, that figure decreases to just 20 touch points per flight, making it 35 times safer. With those UEFA delegates facing several flights in their trip, the odds of the delegates staying Covid-free and match-fit are significantly higher when they fly by charter.

Greater flexibility = more time to be productive (or simply relax)

A 25-member trade delegation of a regional Chamber of Commerce is on a whistle-stop tour of Morocco to make partnerships, negotiate deals and boost sales. Let’s say the tour takes in four destinations - Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech - for a total of five flights (assuming there are no connections). Flying commercially, the delegates must be at the airport at least two hours before take-off to check in, go through security and wait in a crowded departure lounge that may or may not have a secure wifi connection. That’s already 250 person-hours of reduced productivity. Fly by private charter, by contrast, and the delegates can arrive at the airport shortly before take-off, breeze through a quiet, private terminal and make the most of the comfortable lounges and free, reliable wifi.

Then there is airport transfer to consider. Commercial flights will land at bigger airports that are often far from city centres, so there’s the airport-to-meeting travel time to take into account. Private charter flights, on the other hand, can land at smaller airfields that are often closer to the action. This saves even more precious time over the course of the tour.

Flying by charter, the delegation is in control of the itinerary. The delegation chooses the destination and flies there directly, which eliminates any connecting flights that may be necessary in the commercial sector. The delegation also selects the take-off time, so it can fly as soon as it is ready rather than wait for the allotted commercial slots. This can also eliminate the need for an extra night in a hotel; why hang around overnight for an early-morning commercial flight when you can fly privately the evening before and be back home in time to put the kids to bed?

By controlling its own route and schedule, the delegation can use the clock to its advantage and make significant time savings that translate into either greater productivity or more relaxation.

Booking private charters takes the stress out of travelling

As mentioned before, all the logistics are taken care of by the Private Aviation Advisors, so the delegates can sit back and focus on the task in hand. With the aircraft dedicated to the delegation, there will be no luggage mishaps. The risk of delays and cancellations caused by strikes vanishes. The only unavoidable factor is extreme weather, but that’s where the private terminal comes in handy as a place to sit comfortably and wait for the storm to pass.

One pitfall of commercial travel is that passengers are only ever one traffic jam away from arriving late at the airport and missing their flight. With private charters, this is not a worry. It is the delegation’s aircraft and it will only leave when everyone is good and ready.

With those pesky preoccupations forgotten, delegates have the peace of mind they need to work, rest and remain in top form for the mission ahead. 

Private charters are exactly that – private!

Sometimes, particularly in the case of commercial and political delegations, information needs to be kept confidential. A private terminal and a chartered flight allow privacy from any would-be eavesdroppers.

If members of a government trade and energy delegation need to discuss sensitive details of an upcoming oil pipeline project, for example, those details need to be kept in-house. Flying by private charter means avoiding the risk of embarrassing leaks or industrial espionage. It offers a safe, secure and private environment for delegates to discuss sensitive matters or negotiating positions openly amongst themselves without having to whisper.

Fewer luggage restrictions allow delegates to pack what they need

The strict luggage restrictions imposed by governments and commercial airlines do not necessarily apply to private chartered aviation. On a personal level, this leaves delegates relieved that they can pack as many liquids, creams and balms as they need for the trip. On a professional level, it opens doors that remain stubbornly closed in the commercial sector.

Take, for example, a delegation of doctors and health workers attending an international conference or pharmaceutical salon. They might have special equipment they want to show off to potential clients or liquid samples to exhibit to industry leaders. Or it may be a delegation of veterinary experts needing to take live animals to an overseas industry gathering. Transporting such items and creatures commercially, while not altogether impossible, may involve a great deal of paperwork and signed authorisation documents. On a chartered flight, though, it’s not as much of a problem. Delegates are, international protocols notwithstanding, allowed to pack what they need to fulfil their mission.

Comfort and outstanding service will leave delegates fresh and rested

The service provided on a private chartered flight is high-quality, bespoke and designed to make the passengers feel at home. The catering is tailor-made not merely to delegates’ dietary requirements but even to their dietary preferences. Passengers will be well fed and watered and in great shape when the plane touches the tarmac. Brokers such as Luna Group Charter can provide large aircraft that are configured to provide each delegate with enough space to sit comfortably, with ample legroom and, where requested, even beds so delegates can sleep peacefully.

This is particularly important for long-haul flights. If, for instance, the International Olympic Committee was taking a delegation of its staff to see some events at the 2021 Tokyo Games (postponed a year due to Covid), a chartered flight would give them all the chance to eat well, enjoy the in-flight entertainment and get the rest they need to arrive in Japan fresh, rested and able to enjoy the show. For any workaholics amongst them, the aircraft could be configured to include tables and projectors to make it almost an extension of the boardroom or office. Either way, private flying gives delegates the chance to be on-the-ball and ready for action.

Delegations won’t just feel prepared, they’ll look prepared too

Travelling by chartered flight doesn’t just make delegates feel more poised and productive. It also projects an image of poise and productivity. There is an undeniable aura of success around private flying that is unlikely to go unnoticed by the hosts. Flying through private charter brokers like Luna Group Charter is the efficient way forward for delegations for whom time is valuable. And that is exactly the impression it will make.


For official delegations of any nature – political, industrial, economic, corporate or institutional – booking a private charter for air travel goes a long way to maximising productivity and creating added value. It presents delegates with opportunities that commercial aviation simply can not provide.

Private charters are a safer, more flexible option that offer peace of mind and privacy. They reduce the influence of external factors and put official delegations in full control of their mission.

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