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Airbus A 320 Neo


Airbus A320 NEO Charter Flights: Marrying Luxury and Efficiency in the Skies

Mulling over your aircraft options for your upcoming private group charter flights? If the Airbus A320 NEO is one of your prospective choices, you've arrived at the right destination. We aim to provide you with all the necessary insights to determine if this aircraft is your perfect match for your next adventure. What makes the Airbus A320 NEO unique and why could it be the ideal aircraft for you? Read on to discover more.

What Is the Airbus A320 NEO Like?

The Airbus A320 NEO is not just an aircraft; it's a symbol of an unparalleled flight experience. Renowned worldwide, this aircraft is a preferred choice for many private charter passengers and airline operators. Featuring a modern design, the A320 NEO is celebrated for its expansive, high-ceiling cabin, capable of hosting up to 186 passengers comfortably.

And there's more to it! The plentiful legroom and ample overhead storage bins maintain the comfort of passengers whilst preserving the intimate atmosphere of a charter flight. Integrated with cutting-edge technology and the latest in-flight entertainment and communication systems, the A320 NEO stands as a crowning achievement of modern aviation, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding travellers. And what about the number of seats, speed, and range of the Airbus A320 NEO? Here are some of the details you must know before booking this aircraft:

  • Seats: 186

  • Speed: 469 kts | 870 km/h

  • Range:  3401 nm | 6300 km

Why Choose an Airbus A320 NEO For Your Next Charter Flight? Main Benefits

When selecting a private charter flight, what's on your checklist? Comfort, capacity, range, efficiency, or perhaps, a harmonious blend of all? The Airbus A320 NEO emerges victorious in all aspects, offering more than you can imagine. Here, we delve into the key benefits that make the Airbus A320 NEO an exceptional choice for private charter flights, especially when group travel is concerned.

Unparalleled Capacity for Group Travel

Embarking on a journey with a large group? The Airbus A320 NEO excels in its ability to cater to groups of up to 186 individuals. Ideal for corporate events, such as seminars or meetings, team outings, or grand family holidays, this aircraft is a one-stop solution, merging the perks of private charter with the capacity of commercial airliners, whilst never compromising on comfort and privacy.

Superb Range & Efficiency

Whether it's a transcontinental conference or an international getaway, the Airbus A320 NEO can take you there. With an impressive range of up to 3,401 nautical miles, a myriad of destinations become accessible without stopovers. Plus, the aircraft's superior fuel efficiency, a hallmark of the new A320 NEO variant, makes it an economical and environmentally friendly travel solution.

Premier Comfort & Customisable Interiors

Bask in the opulence of the A320 NEO's spacious and bespoke interior. Wide seats, generous legroom, and premium amenities promise ultimate comfort throughout your flight. Plus, at LunaGroup Charter, we adapt the cabin to your specific needs, creating a personalised and lavish travel setting for all group types.

Impressive Cargo Capacity

Transporting a substantial amount of luggage or equipment? The Airbus A320 NEO boasts an impressive cargo capacity, simplifying your transportation needs. This is a boon for touring bands, film crews, or any group travelling with a significant amount of gear.

Advanced Technology and Safety

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and fly-by-wire technology, the Airbus A320 NEO enhances flight safety and lessens pilot workload. Given its stellar safety record and use by top global airlines, the A320 NEO is a reliable choice for discerning passengers seeking peace of mind as they traverse the skies.

How to Book a Group Charter Flight on Board an Airbus A320 NEO?

Organising a group charter flight aboard an Airbus A320 NEO is as easy as pie with LunaGroup Charter. Our streamlined booking process begins with a simple click on "Request Quotes" on our website. Right after that, our dedicated team will promptly contact you, offering the most competitive deals for your private charter flights on board an Airbus A320 NEO. Thus, we'll guide you through the entire process, ensuring the A320 NEO meets your distinct requirements. Once your flight is confirmed, our efficient team will handle all logistics for a hassle-free travel experience.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Charter Flights aboard an Airbus A320 NEO?

On the hunt for top deals? You're in the right place. LunaGroup Charter is committed to providing you with competitive pricing for your Airbus A320 NEO charter flights. We engage with you to understand your travel needs and budget, promising the best value for your money, thereby offering an unmatched group flying experience at an unbeatable price.

Why Hire Your Airbus A320 NEO Charter Flights With LunaGroup Charter?

Longing for a travel experience tailored to your unique needs? Looking to skip the limitations of commercial flying and enjoy flexibility, privacy, and convenience aboard one of the world's most celebrated aircraft? LunaGroup Charter is here to turn your dreams into reality with our Airbus A320 NEO charter flights. Here are compelling reasons to choose LunaGroup Charter:

  • Unrivalled flexibility: You set the agenda. Choose your departure time, date, and location, ensuring your flight fits into your plan, not the other way round.

  • Privacy and comfort: Revel in the comfort and privacy of the Airbus A320 NEO with your group, with your needs and preferences catered to. Your flight, your rules.

  • Competitive pricing: Experience luxury without a hefty price tag. We offer some of the best deals for private group charter flights aboard an Airbus A320 NEO, making premium travel experiences within reach for all.

  • Bespoke service: We tailor every flight to our clients' unique needs and preferences. From custom catering to personalised flight schedules, we're here to bring your perfect journey to life.

  • Global reach: No matter your destination, our extensive network enables us to take you there. With LunaGroup Charter, the world truly is your oyster.

So why wait? Choose LunaGroup Charter for your Airbus A320 NEO charter flights. Prepare for a flight experience that's truly about you. Contact us today, and let's conquer the skies together!