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Hire A Private Charter Flight From Or To Italy for Groups in 2023

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Where Can I Fly to and From Italy With My Group?

By renting a charter aircraft, you can fly anywhere you want from, to and within Italy, including the airports of your choice. Thus, you can design the route that best suits your travel purpose without having to adapt to the times and distances that would be set on a commercial flight. Not sure where to fly in Italy? These are some of the Italy's most popular routes among users:

Private Charter Flights From / To Rome

Rome, what to say about Rome? The Eternal City. The Italian capital boasts impressive monuments, baroque fountains, ancient churches and charming neighbourhoods. In addition, you can find traditional restaurants and taste delicious Italian gastronomy.

Among the most outstanding places to visit are the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Roman Forum, Trastevere, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon of Agrippa, Piazza Navona, the Jewish Quarter, the Baths of Caracalla or the Spanish Steps. Don't miss the opportunity to visit them all!

Private Charter Flights From / To Milan

Although the city is quite large, most of the sights are located in the city centre, making it easy to visit and avoiding long journeys. As well as strolling through the historic centre around the impressive Duomo, you can also relax in the parks, go shopping, and taste the delicious Italian cuisine. If you have more time, there are many interesting trips to go on in the surrounding area, such as Lake Como or the Swiss Alps.

Private Charter Flights From / To Venice

Venice, located in northern Italy, is one of the oldest and most important cities in the country, and is famous for the charming islands that surround it. Built on the lagoon of the same name, this city has water streets and bridges of stone, iron and wood that connect the different neighbourhoods, which are navigated by boats and its famous gondolas. Its great tourist attraction is due to its baroque and colourful beauty.

Private Charter Flights From / To Florence

Florence is a city full of museums of great interest, so it is advisable to prioritise visits if time is limited. The food in Florence is delicious, with specialities such as crostini, tripa alla Fiorentina, bistecca alla Fiorentina and porchetta.

The Basilica di San Lorenzo is the oldest church in Florence and houses the Medici Chapel, which has sculptures by Michelangelo and a library with an imposing staircase. Florence also has many monumental churches, museums and palaces, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Giotto's Bell Tower.

Private Charter Flights From / To Naples

Naples, the capital of the Campania region of Italy, is a vibrant and chaotic city with over one million inhabitants. It is located on the Gulf of Naples and overlooks the volcano Vesuvius. Despite its apparent chaos, the inhabitants of Naples have created their own rules and maintain a certain order in the city.

The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers. The city has a wealth of artistic and cultural treasures, including the historic centre (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), palaces, churches, catacombs, the Archaeological Museum and the seafront promenade. The Vomero Hills also offer important museum collections in the Royal Palace of Capodimonte and the Certosa di San Martino.

Private Charter Flights From / To Turin

Turin, the city located in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, is known for being the birthplace of Italy and for its rich historical legacy. Set amidst the majestic Alps and with the Po River running through part of its length, it has a vibrant personality of its own that sets it apart from other towns in the north of the country.

Although its pace is leisurely, the old town and historic centre are full of arches and porticoes running through the buildings, offering a cosy way to enjoy the city during the colder seasons. With a variety of buildings of different styles, such as Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Baroque, Turin has some of the most beautiful squares in the country. It is important to note that to fully enjoy the city it is necessary to have close and direct contact with its people.

Private Charter Flights From / To Bergamo

Bergamo is a historic city located in Lombardy, northeast of Milan. With its impressive upper town and cobbled streets, Bergamo is a perfect combination of ancient and modern, with attractions to suit all tastes. It is a small city that can easily be visited in a day, and is an excellent alternative option for those visiting Milan. The city is divided into two distinct parts: The upper town, the older, walled part of the city, and the lower town, which is modern and developed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Private Charter Flights From / To Palermo

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is a city full of history and culture, despite the misfortunes it has suffered over the years. It is a large and colourful city, with an irregular layout and narrow streets that make it difficult to get around in a short time. To visit it, it is advisable to plan the visit by zones, due to the large number of monuments and places of interest it has to offer.

Private Charter Flights From / To Bologna

Bologna is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region in north-central Italy. Known as "la Docta, la Grassa e la Rossa", this university city is rich in history and gastronomy. With its ancient university, red roofs and delicious food, Bologna is a perfect example of the coexistence of the past and modernity. Although it is small, it is internationally important, and one day is enough to see the main sights.

Top Events to Attend in Italy

Italy is full of surprises and places to discover. As you may imagine, this country hosts many different events every year that you will love. Italian carnivals, such as the Venice Carnival or the Carnival of Viareggio, the Milan Fashion Week, the Procession of the Snake-Catchers, the Italian Republic Day, Assumption Day, the San Remo Festival, and the Italian Grand Prix, are just some of the most popular events in Italy and some of the many that you should attend at least once in a lifetime.

Popular Airports in Italy

When it comes to travelling to and from Italy, it's important to note that there are several options to suit your needs. If you're planning a trip to Italy, here are some of the most popular airports that travellers tend to choose from:

  • Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport

  • Milan Malpensa Airport

  • Venice Marco Polo Airport

  • Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport

  • Naples International Airport

  • Catania-Fontanarossa Airport

  • Milan Airport

  • Turin Airport

  • Verona Villafranca Airport

  • Palermo Falcone-Borsellino Airport

  • Pisa International Airport

  • Karol Wojtyła Bari Airport

  • Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport

  • Cagliari Elmas Airport

  • Bergamo Caravaggio International Airport

  • Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport

  • Ciampino-G. B. Rome Ciampino-G. B. Pastine International Airport

  • Florence Peretola Airport

LunaGroup Charter For Your Group Charter Flights To, From And Within Italy

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How Much Does It Cost to Charter an Aircraft From / To Italy?

Chartering a private group flight is more affordable than you think. In fact, if you take into account the comfort it offers, the fact that you travel only with the people you want, and the possibility of carrying the luggage you need at no extra cost, it could be argued that a group charter flight to/from Italy is quite economical.

So how much does it cost to charter a plane to/from Italy? The total amount will depend on the duration of the flight and the aircraft you charter, among other factors. But don't worry! LunaGroup Charter is the broker t you need to get the best deals on charter flights. Click on "Request Quotes" now and get ready to enjoy your flight from/to Italy at the best price.