Once again, Luna Group Charter has beaten itself and left an outstanding record in Edinburgh airport with more than 5'500 passengers flying on the same day.

Luna Group Charter breaks record

This past February 2022, Luna Group Charter proudly announced that they had broken the record in Edinburgh airport with more than 5'500 passengers flying on the same day for the Six Nations Rugby Championship 2022. This achievement counted with more than 19 aircrafts operating 30 rotations, all departing from Scotland towards 9 places in France.

Luna Group Charter has thus not only shown to be the leader in private jet routes but also in group flights. Having an established network of very important Private Clients and offices in Geneva, London, Marko, Paris, and most recently opened an office in Monaco, Luna Group Charter has outdone itself one more time with this record for the annual Rugby Competition.

“We are absolutely proud of the work developed by the experts in place Erwann, Craig, and Augustin, as well as the Swissport that, in partnership with us, did an impeccable job providing a smooth check-in experience as possible for our clients.“ so states Rémi Aubin, the director of Luna Group Charter.

The recent and upcoming rise in group charters by Luna Group Charter

There has been a rise in demand for sports teams to hire aircraft for their organizations due to various reasons. Below are some of these mentioned reasons why it is easier for these teams to stick with such group flights and Luna Group Charter in the future.


As for many professional athletes’ privacy is one of the most important priorities whilst they are traveling. Group charters have made it possible for them to travel without the pressure of fans stressing them out before competitions. It gives the athletes room to relax and mentally prepare for their upcoming competition without any noise or major disturbance.


The Flexibility of team charters is another very important feature to take into consideration; not only can they delay flights, but they can choose direct routes, which may not be available in a commercial flight. This saves them time and cost. It essentially is like privatizing a commercial aircraft to their needs and wishes.

Comfortable seating

With more comfortable seating and flight, athletes are proven to perform better. Especially in long-hour flights a lot of sports athletes do not find themselves comfortable in commercial flights, which by hiring the whole aircraft for the team, gives them space to stretch and feel as if they were at home.

Special menus and assistance

For any athlete nutrition is extremely important, this is why the aircraft offers a tailormade experience for the teams’ diet and any other possible assistance they may need.

Better performance

With less disturbance by the fans and a faster and more comfortable flight, this has a direct positive impact on the athlete’s performance. Moreover, as these flights are much more personalized, the service and assistance of the group charters ensures the athletes maintain their special diet, also having a direct result on performance.

Health risks due to Covid '19

Last but not least, with the pandemic finally coming to an end, a lot of changes have come with it. To ensure the maximum health safety for all the team members, private commercial aircraft have been the absolute switch to guarantee this safety and this in the future will only go uphill.