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10 Biggest Sporting Events in The World You Must Attend

Sporting events aren't just about the thrilling matches, breathtaking finishes or world records. They're about the unique sense of camaraderie that binds people from different walks of life [...]

10 Best Luxury Beach Holiday Destinations You Must Visit

Calling all lovers of sun, sea, and sand! Do you dream of slipping into the blue, savouring cocktails on the shore, and luxuriating at world-class resorts? If the answer is a resounding yes, [...]

10 Best European Summer Destinations To Visit With Your Group

Have you ever dreamt of a European summer, awash with historical grandeur, breathtaking landscapes, and pulsating cultural life? Where every stone tells a story and every view is a painting [...]

10 Luxury Holiday Destinations for Families You Must Visit

Life is made up of the moments we cherish, and what better way to create unforgettable memories than by travelling with your family? The world is filled with amazing destinations waiting to be [...]

The 10 Most Popular Pilgrimage Destinations You Must Visit

Pilgrimage has been a significant part of human civilization, binding cultures, religions, and races across continents. It's a spiritual voyage that millions undertake each year, seeking solace, [...]

Are Charter Flights Safe? | Your Essential Guide to Flight Safety 

As the popularity of charter flights soars to new heights, one question lingers in the minds of many prospective passengers: "Are charter flights really as safe as they are made out to be?". If [...]

How To Do a World Tour With A Group? Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to embark on a tour around the world? If you want to make your dream come true and share the experience with others, you've come to the right place. [...]

Top 8 Travel Trends 2023 You Can’t Afford to Miss | Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to elevate your travel journey and immerse yourself in the captivating travel trends of 2023? Be prepared to unlock unforgettable adventures with your group that will leave you [...]

Top 12 Most Toured Places in The World You Must Visit | Guide

There are numerous attractions worldwide that attract thousands of visitors every day. And it’s no surprise, as these places boast magnificent beauty and are truly unmissable destinations. If [...]

Private Charter Flights vs. Business Class: Which Is Better for Groups?

Business travel can be a hassle, especially when it comes to choosing the right mode of transportation. Two of the most popular options for business travel are private charter flights and [...]

How to Find Cheap Charter Flights for Your Group

Are you ready to elevate your travel journey and discover the thrill of flying on a private aircraft? This unique experience is a must-try at least once in a lifetime. And it’s even more [...]

How to Use Private Charter Flights for Humanitarian and Relief Efforts

Private charter flights have many benefits and are often associated with luxury travel for the elite. But, did you know that they can also play a vital role in humanitarian and emergency [...]

Tips for First-Time Private Charter Flight Travellers You Must Know

Once you know the benefits of charter flights for groups, they’ll become your favourite means of transport. Private charter flights are great, but, of course, there’s always a first time, and if [...]

10 Best Luxury Holiday Destinations to Fly To | Exclusive Guide

Attention, luxury lovers! Today, we bring you exclusive information that will be music to your ears: The most luxurious destinations you'll want to fly to this year! Spectacular exclusive places [...]

Types of Aircraft to Charter for Groups: Which One to Choose?

Ready to take off on your next group adventure? But first, you need the perfect plane. We know that when you travel with your group, you're always looking for the best. And you've come to the [...]
A private charter flight is the best option for your international music tours!

How to Travel Efficiently and Comfortably on a Music Tour Abroad

Everything is set. You’re going on tour abroad! It's time to organise everything for your gigs, including how to get from one city to another. And of course, you want the best option, i.e. the [...]

Your Ultimate Maldives Wedding Guide: Everything You Need To Know

If you want to experience a real dream wedding and say "I do" in the paradisiacal Maldives, you have come to the right post. What do you need to know to have a dream wedding in the Maldives? In [...]
Get ready to enjoy all the benefits of private charter flights for groups!

Benefits of Charter Flights for Groups | Reasons to Hire Them

If you’re looking for the best way to travel in a group, don’t look any further! Charter flights are exactly what you need. And, actually, they are today’s favourite option for many travellers. [...]

Lunajets - Lunagroup charter report record-breaking numbers for 2022

Luna Aviation Group, the leading European aviation charter company, provides a market update on its 2022 performance reflecting tremendous growth of its LunaJets and LunaGroup Charter brands [...]
Chartering an aircraft for a large group is quick and easy.

How to Charter a Plane for a Large Group: Step-By-Step Guide

Are you planning a trip for a large group and looking for a convenient and comfortable way to travel? Chartering a plane with LunaGroup Charter may be the perfect solution for you. And the [...]
Charter the aircraft that best suits your group.

Can a Group Charter a Particular Aircraft? - How To Do It

Everyone agrees that chartering a private plane is one of the best ways to travel in a group. It is a comfortable option and it allows you to decide every single detail of your route. Does this [...]
Hire a charter flight and arrive in style at the best European music festivals in 2023!

10 Best European Music Festivals To Attend In 2023

Music festivals are an unforgettable way to experience live music and immerse yourself in the culture of a new place. If you're looking to attend some of the best music festivals in Europe in [...]
Don't miss the MICE destinations you must fly to in 2023!

Top 10 MICE Destinations to Fly to Around the World in 2023

Your Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions deserve to be organised and planned in the best destinations. Those capable of surprising your employees and clients and helping you to [...]
Arrive in style at the world's most exclusive events aboard a charter flight!

The 16 Most Exclusive Events Around the World to Attend in 2023

If you like unique events, you have come to the right place. What are the 16 most exclusive events in the world for 2023? Look no further! We have scoured the globe and compiled a list of the [...]
Experience the flight of a lifetime with your pet on board a private charter plane!

Charter Flights With Pets: How To Fly With a Dog, Cat and More

Flying with your best friend can seem challenging many times. Fortunately, private charter flights make it easy and always possible. Whatever the size of your pet. In fact, this is one of the [...]
Experience the difference with charter flights.

Charter Flights vs. Scheduled Flights: Key Differences

The world of air travel offers many different options for travellers, from scheduled flights to charter flights. While both types of flights involve the use of an aircraft to transport people [...]
A charter flight is the best option for group travel.

What is a Charter Flight? Definition and More | Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of dealing with the crowds and restrictions of commercial flights? Have you been looking for a more flexible, convenient, and private way to travel? If so, a charter flight may be [...]

Luna Group Charter breaks record during Six nations event 2022 in Scotland

Once again, Luna Group Charter has beaten itself and left an outstanding record in Edinburgh airport with more than 5'500 passengers flying on the same day.